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Here at Mitchells & Butlers, we understand it can be difficult understanding the options for further education. That’s why we’ve tried to answer the two main questions parents have when it comes to an apprenticeship: just what is it worth, and how are apprenticeships taught?

What is an apprenticeship, and what is it worth?

You may already know that an apprenticeship is the chance to work within one of our 1700 business, whilst gaining nationally recognised qualifications at the same time. In hospitality, the best way to learn new skills is to gain practical experience, and the apprenticeship means that when your child learns a new skill at work, it will contribute towards a qualification. Therefore, at the end of the 12 months (or 3 years for our Hospitality Management Development Apprenticeship) they will have an NVQ, technical certificate and Functional Skill certificates, which together form an apprenticeship.

Here at Mitchells and Butlers, we offer two levels of apprenticeships. Our Bar & Waiting, Chef and Culinary Apprenticeships are all 12 months long and are Level 2. This is roughly the equivalent to 5 GCSEs.

Our Hospitality Management Development Apprenticeships are all 3 years long and are Level 3, roughly equivalent to 2 A-Levels.

How are apprenticeships taught?

Here at Mitchells & Butlers, we ensure all our apprenticeships are clearly structured, and offer valuable support and guidance from designated members of the team to make the transition into working life is as smooth as possible.

For those studying our Bar and Waiting Apprenticeship, Chef Apprenticeship and Hospitality Management Development Apprenticeship the programme is run by our training partner, Lifetime. This means that in addition to working hours they will benefit from:

  • A mixture of remote and face to face visits every 4 - 6 weeks,
  • 24-hour access to course learning materials for distance learning
  • On-line assessments and workshops
  • Reviews every 12 weeks with Team Member, Regional Trainer and General Manager
  • Feedback sessions to discuss progress,
  • Obtain Functional Skills in English and Maths

For our Culinary Apprenticeship, the teaching is slightly different. There will be 24 days of hands on food skill tutoring in our academies, as well as enrichment events throughout the year and in business mentoring. We also offer an individual learning plan tailored to the apprentices needs, to ensure progression throughout the year of study.

However the apprenticeship is taught, MAB are fully committed to ensuring our apprentices reach their full potential, and pride ourselves on both our pass and progression rates.

It’s also important to consider other factors with your child when discussing apprenticeships. Apprenticeships offer a more practical way of working and an opportunity to earn as you learn, a step into adulthood with increased responsibility and autonomy.

For many of the apprentices we see working with us, the opportunity helps them grow from a school leaver into a confident, competent adult with vital life skills.

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